Design like an architect, think like a developer

Parafin solves the lengthy, complex, and costly acquisition process by rapidly generating optimized building designs, budgets, and financial models for real estate developers.

Real Estate Development is time-consuming, costly, and fraught with risk.
Every deal demands the team's time and focus.

Beat The Competion

Developers don't fail because they can't build buildings.
They fail because they can't build pipelines when the time is right.

Because of team size and expense, most developers only have the bandwidth to look at a single site at a time.  Using PARAFIN, the same development team could analyze nearly infinite sites. PARAFIN’s speed empowers developers to acquire viable sites faster than competitors.

Faster Results

The site selection process is timely and tedious. Test fitting a site can takes weeks or months.

Save Money

Pursuing a potential site can costs tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity costs and architecture fees.


Every design option generated has an exact precise corresponding financial summary.

Why Parafin?

Parafin’s groundbreaking approach to artificial intelligence for building design could only have been envisioned through collaboration between developers and architects. Our team has lived and breathed the problem, so we built Parafin as the solution.

Frequently asked questions

Currently Parafin is for ground up construction for select service hotels.  If you have a hospitality project and are interested in trying Parafin, please use our sign up form to tell us more about your project. Sign up for Beta

Our pricing is based on the size of your company and volume of deals.  Please contact us so we can better understand your specific needs.

Parafin was created by developers and architects for developers and architects.  It’s the brain child of industry experts with a combined 30 years of experience in real estate development and building design and construction.  Meet the Team

Fret not, Parafin will be going to Mulit-Family, Senior Living, Student Housing, Healthcare and other building typologies in the future, stay tuned!

Millions upon millions!  Every design is tied directly to a corresponding financial summary.  Try having an architect and developer create that many options in a few minutes the traditional way!